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  • Why does Awkelite® work so well?
    Awkelite® is a micronized presentation of Zeolite, which we call AMZ-A (Activated Micronized Zeolites - Awkelite®). It works systemically due to the size of the fragments. Its size is just under a third of a nerve cell, which gives it the precise size so that it can penetrate cell membranes and enter the bloodstream. The molecular structure of honeycomb, is a structure of the cage with a natural negative charge that acts as a magnet that binds toxins to the structure of the cage, and others that will be trapped inside the cage. The trapped toxins are, therefore, neutralized while they are still in your system and are expelled through the normal elimination channels of the body.
  • Can I take Awkelite® with other supplements?
    It is highly recommended to take Awkelite® with your supplements. The fragments can bind some nutrients and act as a transporter until they come in contact with toxins that have stronger magnetic charges. At this point, they will exchange the nutrient for the toxin. Therefore, the nutrients are delivered to places that would not normally be able to reach them easily on their own, thanks to Awkelite®
  • Can I mix Awkelite® with my medications?
    Awkelite® should only be taken two hours before or after taking any holistic medication.
  • How long should I take Awkelite®?
    As we said before, we are surrounded by toxins, in our food, in water and practically everything we breathe, eat or drink. Awkelite® is aimed at long-term passive detoxification, and since we are exposed to toxins daily, we believe it is good to keep the product in the system at all times. Ideally, Awkelite® is a matrix-to-grave product. For chronic cases of toxicity, a higher dose is recommended to aid in detoxification. The dosage and duration of use depend on the case. It is recommended that you work with your personal health provider and / or contact the Awkelite® team specialist for more details.
  • Why the dose of Awkelite® different from other zeolite products?
    The size of our particles of micronized zeolites are measured in microns, hence the name. Little more than 50% of the particles present in Awkelite® manage to pass into the blood and the rest remains in the digestive tract. This must be so, since there are several types of cancer located in the digestive system (the colon, for example, the most representative in recurrence). A product that is too thick does not get into the bloodstream and, therefore, will not help to fight cancer located outside the digestive system (breasts in women and prostate in men, for example).
  • How does Awkelite® work with Viral particles?
    The power binding of the Awkelite® particles will sweep viral particles and slow down the viral replication process. This additional cleaning of the cells in the body leads to better immune function. The combination of a more effective immune functionality and the slowness of virus replication allows the perfect combination to support and create immunity and destroy viral infections.
  • Is Awkelite® recommended for pregnant women?
    During pregnancy, the mother shares everything with her baby, including her toxins, so, yes, it recommended to clean your body constantly trough pregnancy. Also it is highly recommended to first detoxify the body before becoming pregnant, this is another reason to bring the Awkelite® from womb to tomb. In addition, the likelihood of becoming pregnant when the body releases toxins increases. Always be sure to consult with your health professional.
  • How can I know the buying process?
    For more information about this you can see our e-commerce page ( Anyway, for more detailed information you can always contact Thank you!
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