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Artículos Científicos

Los documentos en la página, se encuentran en inglés, de a poco iremos traduciendo y entregando los traducidos

Activated Zeolite Clinoptilolite in Immunodeficiency

Activated Zeolites as potentail drigs influenzing the cellular signal transduction pathways

Anti-diarrheic drug based on purified natural clinoptilolite

Anticancer and Antioxidative Effects of Micronized Zeolite Clinoptilolite

Antiviral properties of clinoptilolite

Autism treated with Zeolite

Clinical evidence activated clinoptilolite suspension removes heavy metals without removing vital electrolytes

Clinical evidence supporting the use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension as an agent to increase urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals

Dietary zeolite supplementation reduces oxidative damage and plaque generation in the brain of an Alzheimers disease mouse model

Immunostimulatory effect of natural clinoptilolite as possible mechanism of its antimetastatic abilty

Natural Zeolite clinoptilolite - new adjuvant in anticancer therapy

The effect of natural clinoptilolite on the serotonergic receptors in the brain of mice with mammary carcinoma

Zeolite - The magic stone

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